Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
Guest photos– page 3!

dead end

Ralph Smyth, Co-ordinator of City Cyclists writes:
took this on Monday 17 February 2003 at
Mansion House gyratory, City of London.
This was designated as London Cycle Network
in 2000 yet since late 2001 has looked like this
due to a weak tube bridge underneath.
Obviously the added weight of a cyclist or two could
cause it to collapse (there's another blocked cycle route over a weak
bridge in the City too).


We asked you for your cycle lane weirdities
We can't beat this!
Photo was taken by Jeremy Rickard of Croydon Cycling Campaign!
at Reeves Corner in central Croydon.
Please be assured that the lane is *not* a continuation of any existing lane.

red route in Feltham

A correspondent writes:
Is this the narrowest cycle lane in Britain?
A Transport for London red route in Feltham near Heathrow.
As you can see they get even narrower in the
distance. There's a blue cycle symbol on a signpost every 5m
which the designer obviously put in as penance for the narrowness.

red route in Feltham

Another view

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