Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
Guest photos– page 7!

New Inn Yard

Ralph Smyth, Co-ordinator of City Cyclists writes:
Well there's the 10m cycle track in New Inn Yard,
put in as part of making the Shoreditch Triangle two-way
(just north of Liverpool Street Station),
and currently with a 20mph temporary speed limit!!

New Inn Yard

Slow down cyclists!!

Union Street

There's also the appalling Union Street cycle tracks,
which, worse still, are situated a street away from the LCC.
Danger.jpg shows a hidden and virtually unsigned pavement contra-flow track
(you can just see a pavement cycle logo in front of the bin).
Drivers coming out of side streets and driveways
will not know about cyclists using the track
until it's too late due to the illegal signing.

Union Street

A few metres further on there is a 5m track
which starts and ends with traffic light and sign posts
(wrongly showing a one-way street).
Fortunately there is at least a CYCLISTS DISMOUNT SIGN
on the other side of the post with the ped/cycle sign
so no one will be tempted to try toride through the posts.

Romford Road

The Romford Road cycle lane (next to Bow County Court, Stratford)
has been not been changed despite the building of new build-outs
making it somewhat useless!

Newgate Street

The sign on Newgate Street (a busy London Cycle Network route) has been
removed following our lobbying – see our site for details.

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