Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
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Welcome to Buttershaw

A correspondent writes: not exactly a dodgy cycle lane –
but I thought you might appreciate it anyway

Welcome to Buttershaw

Welcome to Buttershaw – how very odd!


A mystery this! Somewhere abroad – but a cracker nontheless.

Stuart Field writes: Your picture of the mystery foreign bike path with the
arrow pointing into the bollards is almost certainly
somewhere in Belgium (judging by the appearance of the
locomotive, houses and cycle path itself).

Dave Stevens writes from Bradford: It's a road sign with its pillar
situated right in the middle of the pavement –
v. v. bad for blind or partially sighted people.

Its also a bad cycle route since it reccomends that you use
a pedestrian crossing (which as a cyclist you shouldn't really do)

However, if that is to be a recommended route for cyclists,
why haven't they upgraded the pedestrian crossing to be a Toucan –
after all we are spending millions on improving the junction!

Update: good news! thanks to Dave's intervention,
the sign has been re-sited and the
pole removed from the pavement.

"still a dodgy cycle route though"


Ian Walker writes: Thought you might appreciate the following one I spotted in Wells.
I think this has to qualify as Britain's shortest, as is it exactly 0.00m long!

New Inn Yard

A correspondent writes:
This is the A6036 which runs between Bradford and Halifax.
To take these photos I stood on / in the road
at the local authority boundary.

This is the road in direction of Halifax.


and this is the same road in the direction of Bradford.

<removed image – no longer weird enough!>

Paul Rea, Chairman – CycleLincs, The Lincoln Cycle Campaign Group writes:
The good news is that it has now been improved
and so the cycle lane no longer goes into the fence, but feeds into a chicane.  
Perhaps your site has persuasive powers!
I'd like to thank you for giving us stardom,
but would be grateful if you would take it off your site as it is no longer weird. 

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