Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
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90 degree bend

90 degree bend

Here are some photos sent in by Adam Pride (September 2014)
of a 90 degree corner at the University.
He writes: Here is another weird cycle lane at the University of Sussex!
Specially designed for those cyclists who can cycle through 90 degrees
in a 24 inch wide bike lane.
(Although maybe those cyclists don't exist
as I've never seen anyone using this bike lane).
Anyway, the University can certainly do 90 degree bends -
they must have used a protractor to get this one so precise!

Newton Abbot

Graham Brodie from Newton Abbot writes: the new cycle track in "The Avenue"
seems have to been converted into a Car Park.
It's an odd fact that cyclists are regularly chastised for using pavements
but the behaviour pictured here seems prevalent,
socially acceptable, and little can be done to prevent it.
This is not the only track to suffer from this.

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Another guest piccy from Graham:
Here is a silly PBF ( Pointless Bicycle Facility) in Jersey.
Jersey is a small Island so perhaps it needs small PBFs. 

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